[REQ] - O Sanam(Lucky Ali) - Intermediate/Advanced Chords

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  1. chichu9

    chichu9 New Member

    Hi All,

    Can some one post the correct chords for this song. Not just the G,C,A,D that are available every where..

    There are lot of cool chords played in succession at the beggining of the song actually... I keep hearing one F#sus2 or something similar.. I am not good enough to figure them out myself :(

    Please.. Please.. Please.. Can some one post these cool chords.. Thanks in advance..
  2. spencer

    spencer New Member

    [FONT=Times New Roman]I strum these cords at the beginning of the song. I don't know how much accurate is it.
    Please check it out and let me know. Hold it like you hold the G chord.[/FONT]
              E A D G B e
    Chord1    8 7 0 0 8 8
    Chord2    7 6 0 0 7 7
    Chord3    6 5 0 0 6 6
    [FONT=Times New Roman]Strum all the 6 strings to the tune of the song and start
    the song at G.[/FONT]

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