[REQ] Need Chord-laree Choti (accustic Version)

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  1. big_boss

    big_boss New Member

    Need Chord-laree Choti (accustic Version)

    Plz Post The Acc. Chord Of Laree Choti
  2. anas_jovi

    anas_jovi New Member

    simple and same pattern dude .. the whole sng is played on
    *Am F C D * .. thts it
  3. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    .. well try G instead of F
  4. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    Laree Chottee - Call

    [x]   [x]  [x]   [x]
    [x]   [x]  [x]   [x]
    [x]   [x]  [x]   [x]this is the strumming..going on..at the background
    [7]   [3]  [10]  [5]
    [7]   [3]  [10]  [5]
    [5]   [1]  [8]   [3]
    Am        F
    kismat ka khail hai sara
    C         G
    phirta tha main aawar
    Am        F         C      G
    ye kia se kia hogaya
    this is the pattern of the song..these chords..are  played through out the whole 
    kia hua jo laree chootee
    jeewan ki gari lootee
    khuab to mujhko na laga
    zindagi ik pal main sari
    yun plat gai hamari
    jhoot hai to mujhko na bata
    Source Link
  5. aneesa_habib

    aneesa_habib New Member

    new guitarist

    hi sir , iam new to this land called guitarists.. iam playing and learnig for 8 months.. i playes ur tabs for this song.. it is not kool... can u send new acuurate tabs
  6. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    Welcome to IGT

    Well aneesa these are CHORDS for Laree Chootii nop Tabs!!

    and these chords are accurate
  7. shaniiiii

    shaniiiii New Member

    great chords jazyy boy ;)
  8. mazharsaeedbaig

    mazharsaeedbaig New Member

    hi brothers whats going on
  9. cultchaser

    cultchaser New Member

    hey can i be taught how to read the scales....

    hey ....i have been playing guitar since long....but itsa a pity that i havent been taken proper coaching from any1....i reallyy desperately need to know how to read scales....

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