ReQ-Manzile Apni Jagah Hai(Sharaabi)

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  1. vini

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    ReQ-Manzile Apni Jagah Hai(Sharaabi)) talking about the same old b'ful & touchy song "Manzile Apni Jagah Hain"..i simply adore this number..anyways i was trying to figure out the chords of this song but couldnt be much successful...i tried Eminor scale but after a line or two.. twas all blank!!

    btw..i wonder if anyone has even heard this song?? if u like kishor kr.'s songs then u outta know abt this one :annoyed: who knows the chords or wanna pitch in wid me to find the chords??

    :think: :think:
  2. jozko

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    Great song again vini! thx for bringing it up. KK for BigB!!!

    I am waiting for right chords. I couldn't resist listening to an old KK cd. Great emotion in KK's voice.

    I ended up playing these based on Fm scale

    Some keyboard notes around 40th second

    Haunting kind music played at time first around 46th second and then repeated several times

    I hold Fm at 8th and fingerpick which is easy
    Note a=fret 10, b=fret 11 etc
    G---a-------a--------a-----repear all-once---------
    using D_D_DU in 3/4



    Man[Fm]zilen apni[Eb].. ra[Ab]sten.. apni[Fm] jagah

    ja[Bbm]b.. tho[Db] musafir [Ab]kya kare [Cm]

    Hope somebody will post correct chords and all notes soon. I stopped playing have to sleep.
  3. vini

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    yesss..u seem to be going good with that Fm
    how did u find this out?? i guess u atlast got the hang of scales..hmm??

    however im not getting ur braindead maybe :eek::
  4. jozko

    jozko Banned

    thx vini. no i donno scales things. i was just trying some familiar chord (rather fretting hand) movements when i listened and personally thought it was an ok thing. And then when i put the chords together and checked internet, i found Fm scale has them. that's all. that's not a proper way as all will agree.
    tabs may also be wrong. i have given time info based on OST where they sound. Hope that helps and u try them. Think there is only one version of this song that starts with some piano like notes followed by KK humming.

    Today is festival Onam here in Kerala so I can't try today. Hope to continue tomorrow.

    Waiting for accurate chords esp from bandbaaja, he's around.
  5. jozko

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    this is the rest i worked out

    /Db/Db/Bbm/Bbm/ x 4


    D[Db]oobne wal[Bbm]e.. k[Db]a...hi[Bbm]
    d[Db]il... jay[Bbm]e..itn[Db]a...hi[Bbm]


    K[Bbm]oi...Doo{Db][Ab]...kare{Cm] 580kB only
    i also put an audio for strumming and on timing of tabs. the lyrics got shuffled and means nonsense if u understand hindi. sorry

    keywords - mansilen manzile mansile manzilein mansilein jaga raaste raste chords chorus verse strumming strum pattern sharabi sharaabi sharaby sharaaby :))
  6. vini

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    btw..souman_das told me d following chords-

    hmm..lets see :think:
  7. jozko

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    souman_das is a professional guitar teacher as far as i know. He should be right. I am looking forward to correct chords from him bandbaaja or anyone. I don't think many youngsters here are interested in this one. this is a very good song though.

    Isn't Souman the one who posted Neele Neele ambar? Is he still posting here? I still read his postings at the other forum. :-D
  8. vini

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    yes...he is a good guitarist..but isnt active at IGT, these days!
  9. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Best ones almost left IGT. i still read Soumans latest postings. will try to get his help

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