[Req] manja kattu maina from manathai thirudivittai

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  1. pradeep_kanthan

    pradeep_kanthan New Member

    hi , can some one help me with manja kattu maina from manathai thirudivittai , its a good song with simple acoustic rythms , i can't figur out the chords , can some one help me :D pweeezz
  2. Axesus

    Axesus New Member

    ill try after ive eaten this mambelam
  3. Axesus

    Axesus New Member

    Can u play barre chords?

    It is A on 5th freth, then then just move it to the 4th freth...

    if u wanna play it the way it is in the song

    then its first A, then tab 5 and 7 on string 2, then just take barre on freth 4

    tellme if u didnt understand it
  4. Axesus

    Axesus New Member

    u kno barre chords?

    its an A on freth 5, then u play a small pullon on string 2 with the freth 5 and 7. Then just move the barrechord down to freth 4, and play it there

    Thats what he is playing
  5. abrap2000

    abrap2000 New Member

    Hi Axesus: please tell me a little bit clear (as tabs)... I'm not able to understand..

    With thanks,

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