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  1. twistedthoughts

    twistedthoughts New Member

    I can't seem to find malayalam chords/tabs on IGT. Mallus pls post what ever you have pls.
  2. twistedthoughts

    twistedthoughts New Member

    Somebody !!! :eek:)
  3. guitarangela

    guitarangela gran'ma

    yo, there are some tabs and chords for mallu songs inIGT...just search for can find most of them in tamil forum
  4. twistedthoughts

    twistedthoughts New Member

    Hey guitarangela

    I've tried already, but found one or two songs only :eek:(
  5. rajesh_puru

    rajesh_puru New Member

    yeah..there are only a few songs being listed here..i am also a new there someone who can put some classic malayalam song tabs?
  6. jozko

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  7. jideshpd

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  8. jideshpd

    jideshpd New Member

    Pls Provide Me Complete Chords For Song -sangamam From Film Thriveni Sangamam Music By Salil Chowary E MAIL TO
  9. stauros

    stauros New Member

    Chords for 400 Malayalam songs

    Hey , I have got Guitar chords for 400 Malayalam songs and Raaga(Scales) for about 560 malayalam filim songs. I collected it when I went to kerala last time for annual leave. I will sure post some soon. Its just not enough time .
    if you need it quick email me. I might sent you some as and when time permits.

    I will catch you guys soon

  10. vampire_swami

    vampire_swami New Member

    stauror.. i haved sent u an im and my mail id.. plz sent it to me.. :) thanks in advance :)
  11. akheelfiroz

    akheelfiroz New Member

    Can any one help me with a few song chords
  12. ragamalika

    ragamalika New Member

    I am here searching tabs for malayalam songs
  13. vishi1966

    vishi1966 New Member



    thanks in advance
  14. thomas4130

    thomas4130 New Member

    Can u please send me the guitar chords for Onnamkili ponnankili from kilichundan mambazham to my e-mail id
  15. sabeen

    sabeen New Member

    Please send me chords for sangamam and other songs


  16. sudheens84

    sudheens84 New Member

    notes for "shyama meghame nee"

    can u give key board notes for the song" shyama meghame nee" from the filim Adhipan.
    i am eagrly waiting for u r replay...

  17. navirocks

    navirocks New Member

    can anyone send guitar tabs for the same song??
  18. akhil c nair

    akhil c nair New Member

    Nee Madhu Pakaruu Malar Choriyuuu.......By Akhil c nair

    Nee madhu pakaruu......
    “Nee madhu pakaroo”, song from the movie “Moodal Manju” directed by Sudhin Menon. P Bhaskaran wrote the lyrics and Usha Khanna composed the music. She composed so many songs in Hindi, and all were great hits. This song sung by her favorite singer Dr. KJ Yesudas.

    I am Just make notes Aftr listng many tims so hope that all will enjoy the tab......To get More tabs Pls Click to follow me on My Blogger akcreationz

    Nee madhu pakaroo..malar choriyoo
    g- --7-7-------9---7-7------9---
    b- 7----7-7-------------7-7-----
    e- --------------------------------

    Anuraaga pournamiye
    g- 9-9---9----------9-------------
    b- ---------10-8-7----7-8-7------
    e- ----------------------------------

    Nee maayalle....marayalle.... neela nilaavoliye
    g- ---------------------------------------------9-8-7--
    b- 10------------10-10-10-10-----8-8-8-8----------
    e- ---11-11-11----------------------------------------
    (Nee Madhu pakaruu)
    g- -----------------------------------
    b- 8-7----8--------------------------
    e- ----------10-10-10--------------

    mukil kaanenda
    g- --------------------------------
    b- 8-7-8--------------------------
    e- -------10-10---12—9--------

    ee prema sallapam
    g- --------------------------------------------------
    b- 7-8—10----------------------------------------
    e- ----------10---9-7---10---9-7---7-10-7-10—

    First BGM akcreationz

    g- -----9---------------9---------
    b- 8-----8-7-----8-8-----8-7---
    e- ---------------------------------

    d- --------------7-9---------------
    g- -------9-7-6------6—9—7---
    b- 10-7----------------------------
    e- ----------------------------------

    Manivilakkuvenda mukil kaanenda
    g- --------------------------------------------------------
    b- --------------------------------------------------------
    e- 10—9---7-10-10-10---10-9—7-7---10-10-10---

    ee prema sallapam
    g- -----------------------------------------------
    b- -----------------------------------------------
    e- 10-9—7—10-10—9-9—12-12—9------

    Kali paranjirikke kili thudangiyallo
    sallapa sangeetham

    g- -----------------------------------------------
    b- ---------10------------------10-10----------
    e- 9-9---7-----9-9-9---9---7---------9-9-9---

    Iru karalukalil virunnu vannu
    maayatha madhumaasam

    g- --------------------------------------------
    b- ----------------------10----10—8—7---
    e- 9---7-7—10—9-7-----7----------------

    Nee maayalle....marayalle.... neela nilaavoliye
    g- ---------------------------------------------9-8-7--
    b- 10------------10-10-10-10-----8-8-8-8----------
    e- ---11-11-11----------------------------------------

    ( Nee Madhu Pakaruu)........akcreationz
  19. vmanojnair

    vmanojnair New Member

    Thank you very much for this tabs.please keep posting

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