[REQ]Listen to the pouring rain - Usha Uthup (Bombay to Goa)

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    hi everyone! can u pls help me out? i hv been searching the lyrics of "listen to the pouring rain" sung by usha uthup in the film "bombay to goa" for a long time now. i hv searched many sites but to no avail. pls guys, i luv the song very much n i'm sure if u listen to it, u will like it too.thanx in advance. :rock:
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    Here it is man....


    Listen to the pouring rain, listen to it pour
    and with every drop of rain you know I love you more
    Let it rain all night long
    let my love for you go strong
    as long as we are together
    who cares about the weather
    Listen to the rain, listen to it pour

    It's raining it's pouring
    the old man is snoring
    he went to bed and he bumped his head
    couldn't get up in the morning

    Listen to the falling rain, listen to it fall
    and with very drop of rain I can hear you call
    call my name right aloud
    I can hear above the clouds
    I can among the burrows
    you and I together hurrows
    listen to the rain, listen to it pour

    Listen ..........................pour

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