REQ: Letting the Cables sleep & *strumming patterns* "You", "Wind of Change"

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    Hey all,
    I know i went for all of it in one go, but patience to me is like a town in Russia. This being my first post, would just like to first off thank all those on these forums who care to help out. Seriously helps people like me! =) Had no time for guitar lessons (between work and college) so decided to just try it out on my own in my odd owl hours 3 am onwards...
    Alright as for my request...I would love it if someone could help me out with the tabs of Letting the Cables sleep by Bush.
    And I've got the chords in place for You by Switchfoot and Wind of Change by The Scorpions, but blame it on lack of sense of rhythm or just a mindblock..i can't figure out the rhythm of those two songs. Really love them and i'm willing to work my ass off practicing them every 4 piddy please help me out *no... i did not go all tweety bird on you*

    Hope to hear from any of you...Thanks anyhow...
    Keep your sun shining,
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    Strumming Pattern: WIND OF CHANGE - Scorpions

    | d - d ud | ud u d u |


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