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  1. dhim

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    Can some one post chords/tabs for the following Lata Mangeshkar's Songs.

    1. Yaara Sili Sili - Lekin
    2. Dil Ghoom Ghoom Karen - Rudali

    All efforts highl appreciated.

  2. shaniiiii

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    Hindi Songs Tabs

    hi boss i m new user i don know how tu search tabs from this site i want hindi movis songs guitar tabs like kel ho na ho +dill chata hy and more tabs of hindi movies songs if u plzz send me some ill be very thankfulll tu u n plzz guide me that how can i get tabs from this site u can always e mail me n contact me @ ( reply soon
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    ^^^^ On 2nd thots I'd suggest for the long run you better learn searching this site --- Its pretty simple just click on ' Search ' on the top panel of the page and type whatever u want to search and click on Go!

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