Req:Kollege Jeans Intro Guitarting........

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    Can any1 plz post the chords which is played in the starting part of Kollege Jeans (which is nowadays on air on Ptv) and I know one thing that its not their own guitaring but they have copied it so plzzz....can u guys tell me the name.....N The Program Kollege Jeans ....I think that is was telecast on Indus as well..... Basically the song which they use 4 the program is Abdul Qaderia......N If someone can post Fakhir's Mahi a concert the guitarist of Fakhir had played a very good intro of that song......

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz if some kind person toook some time out from his tough schedule n do fulfill my small request.............. :nw:

    :rockon: Baby

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