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  1. rockerstown

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    Hello everyone
    I need the chords for kangna by Dr. Zeus along with strumming pattern.
    Can please someone explain the strumming patterns used in hindi songs especially Papa Kehte Hai
  2. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    hey man there r lots of threads for papa kehte hai......
    just type papa kehte hai in 'search' at the top of the page and u will get all the threads with the tabs and the strumming pattern for the song....

    and there's also a thread for kangna - acoustic...however i don't think the chords given r accurate...

    here's my version:
    Dm     Dm      Am      G
    Each chord is played for 1 strumming pattern
    pattern is as follows:
    d  d m d m
    ^------------at this down stroke ...only strike the bass notes...i.e. only the first 2/3 strings while holding the chord...
    where d = downstroke
          m = mute
          the pattern continues for most of the song....
          u can experiment if u want wothe the same chords...but they r more or less the same
          chords key :
          Dm  ==>  557765
          Am  ==>  577555
          G  ==>   355433
    enjoy!!! :beer:

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