req: Kahoo na pyar hai

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  1. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    hello frnds please give me the TABS of KAhoo na pyar hai
  2. aakashba1001

    aakashba1001 New Member

    here are the tabs

    this is on C scale choose any C scale on the fretboard as u wish

    A#, A ,G, A,A.......... x2
    kehta hai mann
    apna milan....
    A#, A ,G, A,A A, AA# G
    duniya mein yaadgaar hai

    kaho naa pyaar haaaiiii..

    EEF G E F
    kaho na pyaar hai

    these r correct tabs can be played on anywhere on the pretboard on c scale

    try these out :)
  3. amarjeethans

    amarjeethans New Member

    Sorry I m newbie in guitar, dont know how to read it can anybody translate it to numbers and post back for people like us.
  4. akkidastar

    akkidastar New Member

    Hey pls can u post its tabs
    thanks i advance
  5. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    no answer for my post brothers

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