req: kaavish chord progression

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  1. ahmedkhi

    ahmedkhi New Member

    Been looking around a lot and can't find the progression to 'bachpan'. Can anyone help?
  2. ahmedkhi

    ahmedkhi New Member

    is this thread :nw: ?
  3. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    Please post the complete information(Request). Ne ways Whose songs is it???
  4. ahmedkhi

    ahmedkhi New Member

    Your help HIghly appreciated

    The band is called Kaavish (
    The song is called Bachpan downloadable at their site.
    Subtle lyrics, soft and naturally husky vocals, simple rythem structure
    i can't help not being able to figure out the chord progression :(
  5. haf_89

    haf_89 New Member

    i'm gonna go crazy !!! i love this sooooooonggggg... cant figure out the chords... HELP !! ANYOONE

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