[Req] July Malargalae from Bagavathy

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    yo yo yo!!! this is singapoor isai puyal Seelan requesting yet another song .. can some1 puleasee post the chords as well as tabs for this song ???? from the intro till the end would be great :nw:

  2. arunrx

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    Try this.. intro/interlude doesn't hv much chords. If I get time, will post from 1st bar till the end.

    Scale: Gm

    Gm              Dm
    july malargalae july malargalae
    Cm7                  Dsus4
    ungal edhiriyaai oru azhagi irukkiraal
    Gm(7)              Dm
    aval thaan anbulla edhiri
    Cm7                Dm7             
    konjum kurumubulla edhiri
    Gm(7)                Dm
    enakkum pidikkindra edhiri yeh yeh
    Cm7                        Dm7
    enakkul irukkindra edhiri
    thookam enakku piditha nanbanae
    andha nanban indru illaye
    Cm                   D(7)          Gm  
       kaadhal veppathai   kannil ootrinaai
    vetkam enakku piditha thozhiye
    andha thozhi indru illaye
    Cm                D(7)          Gm
       artha raathiri    archamaatrinaai
    Gm7               Dm
    yaar nee kooraana poovaa
    Cm7               Dm7
    yaar nee meiyaana poiyaa
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