Req: July madham vandhal - pudhiya mugam

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  1. BassLearner

    BassLearner New Member

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum. My primary interest is towards playing bass guitar but thought why not i fulfill my dream..playing july madham vandhal song from pudhiya getting help from this forum. Can somebody pls give guitar notes for prelude, interlude and chords for this song ? Thank u.
  2. vidya

    vidya New Member

    hey tats a nice song
  3. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    hi basslearner..

    some part of this song (chords/notes) were given on Prasanna's forum.
    unfortunately, someone hacked his forum and it's not accessible now.
    keep checking, till he restores.

    btw, Prasanna is the guy who actually played for Rahman (the guitar track of july madham vandhal)
  4. BassLearner

    BassLearner New Member

    Hi guitarboy,

    Is that the same Prassanna who plays carnatic songs (also released a new album called EGL)? how to access his forum..incase if it becomes accessible later?
  5. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member is the link for his forum.

    ya, he is the same guy who released EGL.
    still his website is available, you can visit guitar and enjoy.

    awesome information, thanks pepsi!
  6. BassLearner

    BassLearner New Member

    Thank u !! His website is cool ..but couldnt access his forums :( Still waiting for someone to give me the notes :)
  7. kanagaraaj

    kanagaraaj New Member

    thank u thank u thank u

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