[REQ: Jorge Strunz Albums Pleeeeeeeease]

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  1. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    Hey I`m lookin for the following albums by Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah - all instrumental flamenco guitar albums... I`m be very thankful if anyone can help me out with these...

    Primal Magic - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=700977100528&z=y

    Americas - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=700977100627&pwb=1&z=y

    Stringweave - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=700977100825&pwb=1&z=y

    Rio do Colores - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=700977101020&pwb=1&z=y

    Wild Muse - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=700977100429&pwb=1&z=y

    Frontera - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?ean=25218912327&pwb=1&z=y

    Fantaseo - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977101426&itm=1

    Zona Torrida - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977101129&itm=4

    Jungle Guitars - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977101327&itm=5

    Desert Guitars - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977101228&itm=6

    Heat of the Sun - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977100122&itm=7

    Guitarras - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=025218913621&itm=13

    Mosaico - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=700977100320&itm=14

    Misterio - http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=092592102026&itm=16

    I know its a lot to ask and I sound greedy... can i pull off tht "i`m a poor kid and i cant buy the CDs frm the eshop" excuse? Free download links plz? Pleasssssssssse?
  2. jozko

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  3. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    whoa! thanks man! I remember searchin on YouTube, but i`m sure i found no vidz!
  4. jozko

    jozko Banned

    ^ hope u saved the vids as well. awesome players. searching just strunz etc might return more vid results, not all real ones though
  5. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    i`m gonna rep u for the vidz...they mean a lot to me.

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