REQ: Jinx - Gal Sun

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  1. -Sofi-

    -Sofi- New Member

    does anyone kno the tabs for the guitar in this song
    jinx - gal sun

  2. -Sofi-

    -Sofi- New Member

  3. Nazyr

    Nazyr New Member

    wagwaan sofi...

    im actually a keyboard player... and im more towards production...i was searching for this tunes chords as well... ive configured em on my synth though... its F#minor, then E, then D then back to F#minor...

    F#minor-------------------------------Emajor(on the word SUN)
    saanu teray naal ho gaya pyaar ni gul sun lay sohniyae..

    Dmajor---------------------------------F#minor (on the words SUN)
    saanu teray naal ho gaya pyaaar ni gal sun lay sohniyaeee..

    while chorus is a bit differnt it goes,,

    (F#major here)-------- BMajor here
    raatan nu---------------jagan menu neend na avay..

    i tried it on ma guitar as well.. and works lovely :).. i aint a good guitar player,, but im sure the chords im tellin u r right...

    let me know..

  4. benhu

    benhu New Member

    Re--Plz post tabs of gal sun

    i require the tabs too

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