Req: Jannat Jahan(rupam Islam) Songs Guitar Solo With Chords

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by myview009, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Can anyone have Jannat Jahan songs guitar chords and Solo part? If u have then plz plz post,,,,urgently needed......Mainly Solo part tab is needed.

    THANK U..
  2. mimoban

    mimoban New Member

    the song
    based on Em,D,C,B,G according to the track
  3. mimoban

    mimoban New Member

    ill send you the whole chords and ill try to figure out the tabs too
  4. wriddhi

    wriddhi New Member


    i dnt know d solo part..........
    but i can give u d chords....
    it is like that....

    em,c,d,c[it is the first part]
    em,c,b[it is the 2nd part]
    em,c,em[it is the 3rd part]
  5. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Chords ta to holo....Solo ta chesta koro.......amio korchi but accurate hoche na.......Anyway thanks all of u..

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