Req: Ithuvarai Illatha song from Goa

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by arbroono, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. arbroono

    arbroono New Member

    Can any one post tabs for the song 'Ithuvarai Illatha' from the movie Goa?

    Thanks & Regards,
  2. Babu.M

    Babu.M New Member

    I too need the tabs for this song. Please anyone post the tabs soon.
  3. ajith_bibin

    ajith_bibin New Member


    I am a rookie..i tried and i got the following chords for the song

    C F Dm G....Pls correct me if i am wrong
  4. rajshkumr

    rajshkumr New Member


    hi i need tabs for this song

    thanks in advance!!!

  5. josephchristop

    josephchristop New Member

    joseph christop

    try this friend chords for the songs are Bbm f# g# c# and comments if any correction leave here
  6. taskmanager

    taskmanager New Member

    Hi guys, im a newbie too, so pardon me if this is not accurate and please post if u find chord conflicts:
    The original score in fm key in std. tuning ebgdae
    fm cm c# d# x4
    fm cm c# d# g# cm d# (chorous) x2
    fm cm fm cm g# d# c# cm(bridge)
    fm fm cm d# cm d# c# fm fm cm(last verse, before ending)
    repeat chorus

    But I find a half note step down easier to play and sounds better wid open chords
    em bm c d
    em bm c d g bm d
    em bm em bm g d c bm
    em em bm d bm d c em bm


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