REQ: Intro, Tabs & Chords of Ik din Bik Jaayega

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  1. iprakash

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    Folks, Searched and searched but could not find this song. Was really looking for the Intro of this song.

    Please direct to me an existing thread if this already exists on IGT.
  2. fishtank

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    intro of ek din bik jayega



    sounds right to me
  3. Bandbaaja

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    Ik DIn Bik Jayega

    The song is in the key of F

    The numbers are FRET NUMBERS
    (The numbers in brackets are finger numbers)

    The intro is

    E ------8(1)------8(1)-------8(1)------8(1)------10(1)-----10(1)------8(1)------8(1)-|
    B -10(3)-----10(3)------10(3)-----10(3)-----11(3)-----11(3)------10(3)-----10(3)-----|

    Play this twice in arrpegio style (ie both notes should be ringing)

    sLIDE first finger from 10th fret to 11th fret &
    SLIDE third finger from 8th fret to

    and then the accordian plays

    E -----------------------|
    B -10--8----10--8--------|
    G -------7--------7-9-10-|
    D -----------------------|
    A -----------------------|
    E -----------------------|

    And the song starts

    The song is very simple and is made of the following chords
    F Gm C Bb and Dm
    Your work is NOW to figure out the chords on your own

    The interlude is an extremely long sequence with violins chorus etc etc
    but ends with a sweet guitar arpeggio which also continues while the singer sings the verse.

    E ------10(1)-----10(1)-----10(1)-----10(1)-|------11(2)-----11(2)------10(1)-----10(1)-|
    B -----------10(1)---------------10(1)------|-----------12(3)----------------10(1)------|
    G -10(1)----------------10(1)---------------|-10(1)----------------10(1)----------------|

    One of my most favourite songs.
    R. D. Burman's composition for a Raj Kapoor Film!!!!
    Do you guys know that apart from the famous Mukesh version, there is also a small version by Kishore Kumar towards the end of the film?

    FYI: Raj Kapoor never used anyone other than Shankar Jaikishan during those days. This apparently was on Randhir Kapoor's request...
  4. iprakash

    iprakash Proud IGTian

    Thanks Bandbaaja. The intro is purrfekt. Did not check the chords. I am too new too play them :( I have been practicing CHANGING open chords. I am able to do that almost cleanly but am facing a very difficult thingy now.

    Is it possible to change between BARRE and OPEN chords quickly? Like from an F (EADGBE = 133211) to D (EADGBE = x00232) and back. It seems very difficult atleast today :( Kuchh disha dikhayiye.
  5. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    hi prakash
    everything is possible
    it takes time
    and its very frustrating when your fingers refuse to cooperate :)

    but patience is the key

    the idea to is to keep doing the same pattern repeatedly till your fingers ache.

    but PLEASE stop when it begins to ache
    (its not like a hindi film where the hero is playing while his fingers bleed)
  6. iprakash

    iprakash Proud IGTian

    Thanks Banbaajaa for the inspiration and guidance.
  7. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    Band Bhaiya,

    Good job as always. Additionally i love to mix music around so you can play Junoon-Sayonee with it and smooth it right in there. Same Scale Similar chords.

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