Req : Intro tabs and chords for the song thamil thamil from roja

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    It is a major chord - that much I can say

    The song starts like C C D E / E E E if the root chord is C Major..................... Sathya
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    Chords are in IKF.
  4. Thank you for the lead Sathya Sir...
    I like it this way >>

    Co-incidentally i watched a part of this movie in telugu on tv today...

    Thanks a lot again,
  5. SATHYA167

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    This is a simple major scale based song. Your tabs look fine for me..... Sathya
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    Hi Sathya,

    I enjoyed all your tabs till now .. :) they are simply great.. Hats off for your work here..
    Can you compose the tabs for this song thamizha thamizha.. ?
  7. SATHYA167

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    Yes, this can be tried. Give me some time............... Sathya
  8. shyam169

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    Thank you sir.. :)
  9. Hi Shyam,
    Until Satya Sir gives us the tabs, I want us to work them on our own...
    We have all the time to make errors until Sathya Sir gives us the proper tabs
    I have already posted the first two lines above, which i'll put into tab format below, let us see if we can tab more....

    Thamizha ...Thamizha ..Naalai .....Nam Naalae
    B>-1 1-3----------------------3--------------3----1*---3--------------------------------------------

    Thamizha Thamizha ...Naadum ...Nam Naadae
    B>-1 1-3----------------------3--------------3----1*--3--------------------------------------------

    * means play a little fast.
    They sound even better when played on the second and third strings 5th to 9th frets...
    Good luck,
  10. Sathya Sir,
    At "Nam naalae" I've used DE CED, and previously when i played, I thought DE DCD...
    Please tell me which is more apt here.
    Thank you,
  11. SATHYA167

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    DE CED will be more apt. But people playing may not be able to get comfortable feeling.

    So I would suggest D with a pull and CED.

    Similarly, Naalai and Naadum have same tabs but difficult to play.... it goes like DE FE - again it is difficult to get the feel.

    I would like to leave this as D FE.

    Having come so far, let me put the western tabs for the rest of the song.

    EF G G G G G G G A G F F E ED (Twice)

    F G G# B C (Twice) E F G B C (Twice) (The entire line twice)

    F G G# B D+ G G# B D+ E+ (Twice)

    E+ D+ E+F+ (Twice)

    Starting from En Veedu ...... ending with Adhu Ondruthan................ Happy playing................. Sathya
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  12. Thanks a lot Sir....
    That's really helpful.... Thanks again,
  13. SATHYA167

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    I am uploading the tabs for the entire song tabbed in a C Octave....

    Pick, Play & Enjoy.............. & do post your views......

    At the end of all, Cibhin's question still remain unanswered.

    I get comfortable in C Major - no issues. But I am not sure of subsequent chords.

    Rajesh - Can you please answer the original question? . . . . . . . .. . Sathya

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    Thanks Senthil. The thread is now complete.................... Sathya
  16. cibhin

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    Super Cool..Thanks to You Sathya sir :)

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