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    hey guys! i hav decided to buy an electric sitar coz im infatuated by its sound...i hav a Givson acoustic F-hole,, and a Washburn signature series electric. n now i wanna explore beyond....
    but there r some probs. n some things i wanna know frm u guys. firstly i've heard dat its a bit difficult to master it. u c it uses Dropped D tuning n i was never comfortable wid dat. second i heard dat in order to tune da electric sitar u hav to use a harp wrench which is an extremely diff. process. also there r sooooo many strings,,sympathetic strings if im right. u see guys im from srinagar, kashmir n its not available here. a guy here told me dat he used to play electric sitar using Dm sus tuning.
    so guys plz i want info on this thing...plz explain abt its tunings n da process. n where can i get it in india? n for how much?? n wat will be a gud bargain?
  2. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    this isnt fair so many views n no reply.......well i think no one in IGT knows abt da electric sitar.....still waitin 4 an answer
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