[Req] Ilamaiyenum Poongatru from Pagalil Oru Nilavu

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  1. Seelan

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    Can someone help to post the chords for Ilamaiyenum Poongatru from the movie Pagalil Oru Nilavu ... its from the 80s .... the song is pretty cool ...

    thank youz!
  2. arunrx

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    CHORDS Ilamai ennum poongaatru(1980s)

    Hi Seelan,
    here's what I know.

    Scale: Dm
    Time sig: 4/4

    (Chord starts from the word 'Poongaatru')

    / Dm / F / G / F / G / F A7 / Dm / Dm /

    Stanza I

    / Dm / Dm / Dm / F / F /
    / A / A / Dm / Dm / Bb / Bb / Gm / C / Dm /
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  3. Seelan

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    oh ok bro .. but can you pls put the lyrics as well cause as for the part .... / Dm / Dm /A/A/Dm/Dm/ .. is it the A/A/Dm/Dm the 'orae deivam orae raagam' ?
    but thanks anyway :D
  4. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    Hey man I tried posting with lyrics, but the Chords and Lyrics get collapsed.
    I posted Lyrics above the Chords but when I previewed Chords are coming below the wrong words.
    I have attached a text file, good if u r able to get it.


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  5. Seelan

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    thanks a million man!!!! :D ..... this is one of my fav songs ....
  6. Seelan

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    hmmm but is the stanza correct ? as in the part where you stated Bb ??? cause when I played it , the sound seems different ... and i've substituted the A7 in the chorus for Am ... it just seems ok to me when i do so ... however i know i'm chaging the originality but i think it suits me better coz i'm kinda weak .. haha .. but really thanks for the chords!!! :D oh ya this seems long , so dont forget the question in the 1st line .. lol :D
  7. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    oh my god .. haha i'm sorry for the above post .. after few more times of prac , Bb does sound good enuff .... hahaha i keep posting unwated stuffs eh .. lol sorry abt that bro ..
  8. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    i didn't find a forum for Tamil Lyrics , so could some1 help to post Ilamaiyenum Poongatru lyrics ? :shutup:
  9. adharsh2008

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    good song to hear
  10. ramesh8005

    ramesh8005 New Member


    can someone please post the tabs for that song
  11. SEEBU

    SEEBU New Member

    can you share the tabs for same"Ilamai Enum Poongatru"

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