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    Dear Sourabh,
    I know like me many are expecting lot from you. You are the main pillar of Marathi Guitar tab. I meant it mitra.

    Need chords and perfect strumming pattern for below song:

    Movie: Ek Unad Diwas
    Composer: Salil Kulkarni

    हूर-हूर असते हीच उरीं
    दीवस बरा कि रात्र बरी?

    कुठला रस्ता सांग खरा?
    वळणाचा कि सरळ बरा?

    जगणे मरणे काय हो बरे?
    सुख खरे कि दुःख खरे?
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    yes man i wil definitely provide these songs gv me the downloading link of this song..surely i wil try my level best....ok....
  3. gk123

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