req: How to play these chords

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    how tolay these chords:
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    E |---|---|-1-|---|---|
    A |---|---|-1-|-2-|---|
    D |---|---|-1-|---|-4-|
    G |---|---|-1-|---|-3-|
    B |---|---|-1-|---|---|
    E |---|---|-1-|---|---|


    E |-1-|---|---|
    A |---|---|-3-|
    D |---|-2-|---|
    G |---|---|---|
    B |---|---|---| x
    E |---|---|---| x


    E |---|---|-1-|---|---|
    A |---|---|-1-|---|---|
    D |---|---|-1-|---|---|
    G |---|---|-1-|---|-4-|
    B |---|---|-1-|---|-3-|
    E |---|---|-1-|---|---|


    E |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|
    A |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|
    D |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|
    G |---|---|---|-1-|---|-4-|
    B |---|---|---|-1-|---|-3-|
    E |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|


    E |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|
    A |---|---|---|-1-|-2-|---|
    D |---|---|---|-1-|---|-4-|
    G |---|---|---|-1-|---|-3-|
    B |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|
    E |---|---|---|-1-|---|---|

    The numbers indicate the fingers (1-index finger, 2-middle finger...)
    'x' indicates those strings which are not to be plucked..

    Except for Dm all the other are barre chords..
    To play these you have to use your index finger to press all 6 strings at the same time on the fret indicated..

    Barre chords need a lot of practice.. So best of luck!
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    thnx a lot brodah!
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    Guitar Chords

    For nything regarding chords check out this site

    Here u'll get all the chords wid their possible variations..


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