[REQ] Hona tha pyaar by atif aslam and faiza mujahid

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  1. shezi123

    shezi123 New Member

    Can some please post the chords/tabs for this song.. I can't find it on IGT:$
  2. shezi123

    shezi123 New Member

    Lol well this sucks=\
  3. jam1

    jam1 New Member

    Hona tha pyaarrr..
    E A
    Hona tha pyaar hua meray yaar
    Hona tha pyaar hua meray yaar..
    Abm A
    Aaye nazar ,chehray hazaar
    E A
    Hona tha pyaar..,hua meray yaar..
    Hona tha pyaar ..
    C#m Abm A
    Tere dil ke shehar mein..ghar mera ho gya..ho gyaaa
    C#m Abm A
    Sapna dekha jo tune,wo mera ho gya .ho gya
    E A
    Doobey to yuun..,jaise ho paar ..

    Hona tha pyaar..,hua meray yaar..
    Hona tha pyaar
    Thaamey dilo ki baahein,hum aate saalo mein..saalo mein..

    Paaye jawab humne,tere sawalo mein..sawalo mein..
    Khwabo ki dor ,tootey naa yaar..
    Hona tha pyaar,hua meray yaar..
    Hona tha pyaar .

  4. RootX

    RootX New Member

    Wrong Chords meri jaan

  5. albash_sarwar

    albash_sarwar New Member

    wats the strumming pattern?/
  6. jam1

    jam1 New Member

    u.udd udd...........i think so...........
  7. A for apple

    A for apple New Member

    chuck. u.d.u.d......
  8. vikasisgood

    vikasisgood New Member

    in this songs a few new chords is introduced by atif aslam u can watch it in video also of bol movie
    and struming pattern is d(CHuck),u,d(CHuck),u,d and if u want chords then reply me okayyyyyyy

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