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  1. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    can any one post the holud pakhi(by cactus) lead guitar parts??
    it'll be very helpful if u can give the staff notation.
    i dont need d chord as they r alrdy here in d forum
    although if anyone has an improvised version ;pls post dat so dat we'd also try out our skills on dat
  2. antan_69

    antan_69 New Member

    Holud pakhi Chords

    D Bm G A
    Sei je holud paki , bose jamrul gacher daley
    D Bm G A
    Korto dakadaki, amar shoishober sokaley.

    Bm A G A
    Ekdin gelo ure, janina kon sudurey.

    D A G A
    Firbe na,seki firbena,firbe na, r konodin...

    Same chord structure for the rest of the song....

    This is the most beautiful and touching song I have ever heard...

    Try the chords.....

    Njoy.... Keep Rocking.

    Your name is also Tanmoy. I've just noticed.....

    I,m also Tanmoy...

    I'll post the lead guitar prt very soon..
  3. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    i play the chords in a slightly different manner
    waitin 4 the leads
  4. antan_69

    antan_69 New Member

    Holud pakhi intro tab

    This is my try........


    Play this. I think is it'll not sound bad.

    Any correction welcomed........

    Keep Rocking.....
  5. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    thanks once again

    ok i'll try this one
    it'll be nice if u give the time signatures too
  6. john2k7

    john2k7 New Member

    Thankzzz ..Antan...
    the intro seems quite nice...though i am a novice,still...i can play it...

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