REQ : Hindi songs with chords A,D & E (all major)

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  1. risparashar

    risparashar New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am beginner in guitar and have learned to play 3 chord till now.
    Can you please help me with some Hindi songs which are played only on 3 major chords (A, D & E), also with strumming pattern.

  2. eternalson786

    eternalson786 New Member

    for now with only these chords and nothing else....i can remember of 2 songs....
    both are awesum songs to be played on guitar
    1st is rubaroo from rang de basanti and second is yaar ko maine ,, mujhe yaar ne sone na diya...sung by kunal ganjawala....
    search for these in the threads here... it must be here...if yu didnt find them then tell me i'll post it....!!!!

    njoy keep guitaring .. :)
  3. eternalson786

    eternalson786 New Member

    and do tell whenever you learn some new chords......for further help.... i recommend you learning G chord as soon as possible and as it will cover some good number of songs..... u knw or not Aminor is already done by yu i guess.... its same as Emajor just a step it yu are aready to rock...!!!! \m/
  4. ytalekar

    ytalekar New Member

    Play - Batein from Metro. It may not sound perfect as stanza will have "C" chord for third line.

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