REQ: help about 7th, sus, slash, dim,aug etc. chords

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  1. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    greetings to all!! its been about 1 1/2 years of guitar playing n i hav matured a lot. i hav some questions to ask but before i do dat lemme tell u where i stand rite now. i can play almost any song or melody on my guitar both lead n chords. the approach i use is dat i hum da song while listening n then i play tabs n find out the chords of the song. this approach also makes me play it in its original scale. now lemme tell u about my problem:
    wenever i figure out chords of a song myself i always end up wid major and minor chords. i really dont understand how to incorporate chords like 7th, sus2, sus4, add9, dim, dom etc in the songs. i mean wat is da rule for these??
    so here are my questions:

    1. wat is da rule n wat is da way to figure out chords other than major n minor?? -eg- maj7, min7, dom7, dim, sus2, sus4, add9, and similar chords
    2. wat about slash chords or modified chords like Em/G, Am/F???
    3. another question is dat i hav never come across a single song hindi or english dat uses augmented chords or diminished chords like Bdim, Gaug etc. why is dat??? are these chords used or not??

    another question i hav which is not related to this but i wil ask to save from posting another thread is-- WILL THERE EVER BE AN END TO MUSIC?? i mean wil a time come in future wen all the melodies n tunes wil hav exhausted n there wud be nothing new to play?? or is music infinite??

    plz answer. for the 1st 3 questions detailed answers wud be grateful......

  2. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    wow....33 views n no replies. does no one know???
  3. jimmy700us

    jimmy700us New Member

    well dude most composers who want more melody use more notes, but even then there might be no eg- maj7, min7, dom7, dim, sus2, sus4, add9, and similar chords, i guess these notes u might see in spanish songs where they play every note, eg: every word 1 note like that, but this also doesnt apply to all songs, well music is never ending, its been there from atleast 4000 years, so i guess it just carries on.....your second questions answer im also waiting for someone to explain. im playing from 7 years, but i play the starting chord itself. like if its Em/G, Am/F? i play em and am
  4. absolutely_neo

    absolutely_neo New Member

    answer karo yar koi..
  5. mvk

    mvk New Member

    even i am in the same position as u r milesfastguy.........

    according to me /= slide...............
    so when i see Am/F i play Am and slide to F........
    like we do in Kabhi Kabhi Aditi- Jane Tu Ya Jane Naa.....
    where we play Am and slide to Gm-2times and then play Dm and slide To Cm
    i.e Am/Gm 2 times and Dm/Cm (to start the song)

    not sure whether i m correct cause i figured it out when I was playin this song

    and yes music is infinite.....

    waitin for a more accurate answer.........
  6. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    hmm... most of those chords as jimmy said are used in spanish flamenco style of playing guitar. they are hardly used here. most of the songs 2day bollywood or paki songs use Am, C , G, F, so on...... these basic major and minor chords!!!

    as for the second question i think Em/G means the guitarist plays Em chord and the bassist plays F!!!

    Music is all about taking those same old three chords and making them sound new again....i think its infinite!!!
  7. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    guys thanks 4 da discussion. few clarifications 1st. to mvk- Em/G doesnt mean dat u play Em n then slide to G chord. it is wat we call a slash chord. it means dat u hav to play the Em minor chord but u hav to make a change ie u hav to play the note G in the bass instead of E which u normally would. this is the pattern for slash chords x/y. where x is the chord n y is the modified note to be played in the bass,, usually the 6th or 5th string. here / doesnt mean slide,, it is read as slash.

    well i dont completely agree with jimmy 700us and god of guitar85. i hav seen loads of bollywood songs dat use maj7, dom7, sus chords. i can go on n on wid examples.
    so the discussion is actually about how to incorporate these chords ie the rule....

    plz continue........milesfast
  8. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    i thought we had experts here at IGT. cmon someone.....or i think i will have to ask Eddie van halen
  9. khushreaction

    khushreaction New Member

    I'll try to make it clear by giving an example.

    Suppose u got to make this chord: Cadd9 ( C add 9 )

    C=Chord name as u olready know

    Now u might ask y 9=D
    This is because in an octave (chromatic scale) u have 8 notes ( C D E F G A B C ). The 8th note is C so it is logical that the next note wud be D i.e the 9th note.

    Lets get to thy point (I suppose you know what intervals are else stop reading :p).
    In C u have these notes: 1,3,5 (C E and G).
    In Cadd9 u wud get these notes: 1,3,5,9 (C E G and D)
    I hope you know where your notes are on each string because the next part you need to find a D NOTE while doing the C CHORD. (chord and note are totally different).

    Make your C chord as normal.
    Then remove the finger on the 2nd string which was in fret 1, then you put a finger on string number 2 fret 3. Fret 3 is a D note. And that's it you get a Cadd9.

    SUS2: (Supposing your chord is C)

    Interval of Csus2 is: 1,2,5 (C D G)
    You need to remove your finger which is on string 4 (the 4th string open represents a D note).
    You must not play the first string as you normally do and you have your Csus2.

    If your brain is too lazy to understand just go there:

    And yeah music will never come to an end I assure you. For instance take the 13 strings guitar. It might become 15...17....who knows!
  10. rizz420

    rizz420 WoRsT DrEaMs R MaDe Of Me

    i can help u bt im too lazy to describe...come to dhaka..will tel u with explanation...its not that kinda taf job to done..n i ges khushreactions post will help u a lot...
  11. nishantsaran

    nishantsaran New Member

    Yaar..its all about the coloration of the sound...

    In Indian scale we move typically in triads

    However if you move in other forms, say from a 1st to 7th then you would need to add the 7thnote to a chords (to get the right coloration to the sound)

    Just like when you play F and C if the notes in the lead are F and C, similarly if you move to C from F after you sing a F# you could probably play C7

    Hope that helps

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