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  1. zhahme00

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    not really sure if that's the title of the song but anjan dutta sings it in english and then in bangla, and it goes like this:

    verses in english:
    "shonda i'm writing this letter to you from a manhatten bar it's 12:52..."

    verses in bangla:
    "shonda aye chithi ta lekchi tomai.."

    anyone has the chords?
  2. zhahme00

    zhahme00 New Member

    is this songs that unpopular?
  3. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    Chords-Happy Birthday-Anjan Dutta

    Chhonda I am writing this letter to you
    from a manhattan pub and its twelve fifty two
    they've switched off the music and they're washing the glass
    got to return back to my hotel

    there's so many things that i want to say
    now that i 've come so far way
    all the wrong things i've done and all the wrong things i've said
    what u mean to me today.

    and i want to ask you how things are at home
    whether u miss me, what u cooked yesterday
    but this napkins is too small to fit in all that
    and they have shut down the mall.

    outside the broadway it's cold and its blue
    and my pocket is bury as the soles of my shoe
    I wish I could stay and talk about you
    to the old man behind the bar.

    i wish i could tell you what this day means to me
    wish i could write a fancy poetry
    but all I've written in the past half an hour
    is a little "happy birthday to you".

    I am sorry to be such awefull old man
    wish I could make u understand
    but since I am so far, so far away from you
    well a little "happy birthday to you"

    Chhonda ei chithi ta likhchi tomai
    ekta manhattan bar theke raat barotai
    ora niviye dichche alo dhuye felche gelash
    abar shei shostar hotel

    aaj onek kichui bolte chaichi tomai
    boshe ei shudur americai
    rojkar shei eki mitthe kotha noi
    moner vetor theke

    ichche korche jante kandhche ki mon
    ki korche amar kolkata ekhon
    kintu napkin ta boroi choto ei dokane
    aar pen er kali furiye geche

    baire broadway dhowashai bheja
    bheja amar chera jutor shuk tolata
    aar pocket e o mattro dollar choi ta
    shesh whisky ta o furiye geche

    ami jani ami lokta shuvider noi
    shob chere chure berai ghure bidesh bivuye
    tobu napkin ta aaj post korboi
    nesha kete jabar agey.

    ichche chilo lekhar tomai onek kotha
    boro shoro mane wala kobita
    kintu ghonta khanek dhorei ekta kothai likhechi
    happy birthday to you.
  4. zhahme00

    zhahme00 New Member

    bro... thank you very much. i am going up to new york city (manhatten) end of this month and my ex-girlfriend / fiance's birthday happens to be around that time as well... wow... never thought i would find a song that i could act out. hah.
  5. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    pleasure zhahme00 ... and say hi to ur fiance from me...:p:... wish u both good luck...:)
  6. hirimba

    hirimba New Member

    koto kom kathai koto beshi bola jai.
    sudhu kotha bolei ki sob bojhano jai?
  7. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    request to hotobhaga

    hotobhaga bhai,
    it seems that u have all the chords of all d songs of anjan dutta.
    can u make a thread containin links to all ur anjan dutta wrks and chords of the rest of d songs of anjan dutt; which u know??

    that ll be a gr8 asset 4 any anjan dutta lover.
    by d way can u upload dis song?
  8. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    well Tanmoy.... coincidently amar naam'o Tonmoy... lol.. anyways... ashole temon bhabe kono gan'er chords ber kora hoy na... ei forum ta besh bhalo lage... jodi keu request kore.. ar ganta jodi motamuti ba besh bhalo lege thake... gan ta shune chords gulo ber kore feli... emon na je agey thekei jana... coz ekhon boshe boshe chord tolar shomoy ba boyosh ta nei.. lol... ha kichu kichu gan hoito agey theke jana thake...

    apnar, anjan dutta'r je gan er chords lagbe request korben... help korar cheshta obosshoi korbo...! :)
  9. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    req: sokalbelar khide

    can u gimme the chords of
    "bonnar jole bohorompur bhasche/medinipur khorar kobole........
    eto sobi tomar sokalbelar khide/sondhe bela jabe phurie........."
    thanx in advance
    :p: :p: :p:
  10. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    lol.. i haven't heard it...sorry..!

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