REQ: Guitarists and keyboardist for a HINDI Rock Band in DELHI

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  1. taran_asp_singr

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    We require a bassist and lead (cum rhythm) guitarist for our band.
    You may visit the band's orkut community:
    We would prefer a person aged 17-18 years.Our band is newly formed and we believe in producing original music.The details of the band members are as follows:
    1.TUSHAR-vocals and lyrics
    2.TARAN(me)-vocals cum lyrics cum rhythm guitar

    Our band which we fondly call 'TATVA' has not yet gotten into full-fledged jamming because for now it's incomplete.We are looking forward to begin practising and jamming by May or June 2009 as 2 of us are CLASS XII students.
    For further details you may contact:
  2. luv123412

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    Hi all.. I am a lead guitarist (rythm as well), I am looking out for some guys to form or to join some band.. so if you are still looking for a guitarist then please feel free to write me on

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