req- guitar chords for tv programm miilee on star plus

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by larsan, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. larsan

    larsan K-Dash

    plzz give me guitar chords for t.v programm miilee on star plus...will be not very difficult for u people plz help urgently required
  2. kamal_007

    kamal_007 New Member

    can give u for kahani ghar ghar kii. milli not worked out yet. SORRY BOSS.
  3. #iR@


    hi lissen.... could u plzz give me the chords for kahani ghar ghar ki ?
  4. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    SOME behenjis are talkin here.... HAH....
  5. larsan

    larsan K-Dash

    lolz death_angel ....#iR@ and Kamal_007 actually i didn't watch this programm ever....and dun even know the muziq sorry abt that...

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