REQ: Guitar Chords for Kaino Korle - Fossils

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  1. aditya_upasana

    aditya_upasana New Member a newbie..could you please gme the chords and solo tabs for this song.... Kaino Kore by opssils... I shall be grateful.

  2. latestcrush

    latestcrush New Member

    well....u try starting..i mean @ bhorer batashe
    and the scale changes to C...with Am and Em...
    u may rearrange as per yr convinience....
    but basic chords are
  3. tito419sep

    tito419sep New Member

    Kano Korle Erokom by Fossils

    Bhorer batashe joto snighdhota ache
    Bondhok rekhechilam premer kache
    Roder adore joto tibrota ache
    Halay firiye diyechi akashe

    Kano korle erokom boloooo
    Kano korle erokom

    Rest of the song is same (only sometimes the chords are played as power chords)

    These are the chords but i really cant figure out the lead portion of the song and i am searching for that for a long time. PLZ anyone help with that...i'll be grateful.
  4. suvayu biswas

    suvayu biswas New Member

    please post the lead portion....tabs

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