REQ: Ghazab Ka Hai Din (Movie:QSQT) Urgent!

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  1. mirage

    mirage New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I really need the guitar chords for QSQT's Ghazab Ka Hai Din, what a superb song!

    Someone please help me out, asap!

    A Pakistani band called Noori did a rendition of this song and it was EXCELLENT! You guys can listen to it here, the quality isn't great though because it was recorded live and roughly:

  2. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member

    I remember one part of the song which goes like:
    Em D C
    Its played quite a lot of times in the song with different strumming patterns. The song starts with it.

    (also try Em Em D C)
    The actual scale that the song is played in may be different. (is it?)
  3. mirage

    mirage New Member

    Thanks a lot scot-hacker. Can anyone be more specific? The full tabs would be really appreciated! THAAAAANKS!!
  4. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member


    Oh god. In fact that's the tab for "Akele hain to kya gham hai" from the same movie. Actually the song you want is quite different and these progressions don't fit into it...

    Sorry mate.
    But I hope someone has the tab so I can get it too.
  5. DesiPunk

    DesiPunk New Member

    such a wonderful song indeed!

    I was lookin for the same song... hope some one'll extend his helping hand in here....
  6. Amor

    Amor New Member


    hey i think i can help ya

    it's a very simple song but sounds very nice

    starts with ( G C D)

    for para Em C D G

    if U don't find this helpful then i'll write the whole song with cords 4 u bye chum .
  7. pkjawan

    pkjawan New Member

    hay Amor can u plzz write the whole song with cords,by the way these are from noori indian remade song right :think:
  8. mirage

    mirage New Member

    Amor, thanks for your help but could you post the entire song's chords?? I would really appreciate it!

    pkjawan, yes, the Pakistani band Noori did a rendition of "Ghazab Ka Hai Din" and it sounded amazing, I've been wanting to get the chords ever since.
  9. pkjawan

    pkjawan New Member

    i know man dono where Amor has gone :confused: ,im still wating for chords tho
  10. invincible2k

    invincible2k New Member

    **** GAZAB KA DIN ****

    G G-Gadd9
    Guitar picking [4x]


    G C G D
    Gazab kaa hai din, socho zaraa
    Ye divaanaapan, dekho zaraa

    Em D
    Tum ho akele, hum bhi akele

    C D
    Mazaa aa rahaa hai,

    G C D D G C G G
    Kasam se, Kasam se

    [Repeat Mukhada]

    [Interlude 1]

    G C C G [2x]

    F F C C G D Bb G


    G Em
    Dekh lo, humko karib se

    C C G
    Aaj hum mile hain nasib se

    G C
    Ye pal phir kahaan

    D G
    Aur ye manjil phir kahaan

    [Repeat Mukhada]

    [Interlude 2]

    G G-Gadd9
    Guitar picking [4x]

    G G Em Em F F G-Gmaj7-Em-G


    Kyaa kahun, meraa jo haal hai
    Raat din, tumhaaraa khayaal hai

    Phir bhi, jaan-e-jaan
    Main kahaan aur tum kahaan

    [Repeat Mukhada]

    G G-Gadd9 G G-Gadd9 Gmaj7
    Guitar picking + Harmonica [4x] + End
  11. Amor

    Amor New Member

    (G)Gazab kaa hai (C)din, socho (D)zaraa ( The rythem is slow)

    G)Ye diwaana (C)pan,( D)dekho zaraa

    (C)hum bhi akele;(D)Tum bhi akele,( C cord 1 complete strum D cord 1 complete strum)

    (C)Mazaa aa rahaa (D)hai,,( C cord 1 complete strum D cord 1 complete strum)

    Kasam se( play G from 7th fret then-C then-D), Kasam se( play G from 7th fret , C and then G again and break this melody by a cut) Hey this is a music part and it comes after "Kasam se"

    (G)Dekh lo, humko (Em)karib se

    A(C)aj hum mile hain (G)nasib se (repeat these two lines twice first with slow rythem than with fast rythem)

    (G)Ye pal phir (C)kahaan

    (D)Aur ye manjil (D)phir(G) kahaan ( between Phir and Kaha you have to give a cut)

    --------8-- ( G chord from 7th fret)

    sorry for a long delay actually I was studying for my xams
  12. itwasnoteasy

    itwasnoteasy E chord humka dede Thakur

    Excellent chords invincible2k Amor invincible's chord has an extra G in mukhda and other which sound right to me. One more suggestion invincible after
    Aur ye manjil phir kahaan ho hooo it should end like (F# and then G) slide chords. sounds good.

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