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  1. Sonali

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    guys i don't know who sang this but it sounds so cool, its panjabi, i know that much but i have no idea what the heck they're saying......if anyone happens to come across the lyrics for this song then plz post it.....i googled it but didn't find it so plz help me out here.......

    thanks and have a nice day....
  2. skaw

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    this post was long and useless
  3. Sonali

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    hey, thanks for all your hard work but thats not the song.....i found some more info on the song though if you still got time.....its by "Stereo Nation" from the album form 2000 called "Oh! Laila"..........if you got real player then its the second song in this site..
    thanks again for posting and looking forward to your reply......haven't heard you playing guitar but you sure the hell know your lyrics :) hehe
  4. skaw

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    sorry the song is all in punjabi and iam not that good with punjabi ... since i am not one
  5. Sonali

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    thats alright skaw, thanks anyway..... there anyone here understands punjabi?
  6. yatsss

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    lyrics 4 galla gooriya


    Galan Gooriyan

    Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan tho kar sajna
    Vai Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan x2
    Na tho dil sada thurfaa sajna
    Sadeh dil noo juraa purchadeh
    Oh Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan
    Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan x2
    Taz Verse 1
    Thereh mereh piyar da rishtha
    Kubhi na eh tooteh
    Thereh tho meh jind, vaar-doon x2
    Piyar deh meh diyeh jugaavan
    Dil thereh naa meh likaavan
    Thereh tho meh jind, vaar-doon x2
    Dil deh shudiyaa usaan thenoo vai
    Devinaa guvaa, soneyan
    Baavan goriyan thereh gal paavan
    Dil'ch chupaaleh, soneyaa
    Repeat Chorus
    Taz Verse 2
    Dekhiyan bigher thenoo
    Dil neyon lagda
    Tho-en meree jaan, soneyeh x2
    Har paseh tho disdee-en
    Dil uvajaan maar-da
    Tho-en meree jaan, soneyeh x2
    Thoveen, meree-an saahandeh vich vasdaa
    Shadkeh naa jaaveen, soneyaa
    Thereh kadhmaach jaan meree nikleh vai
    Ehoyee meraa chaa, soneyaa
    Repeat Chorus
  7. deepaksingla007

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    he is mindblowing
    thanx 4 lyrics

    its gr8
    i luv it
    m from punjab in india
    yaar i was searching full lyrics and finally got here
    i have caller tubne of thius song
    so ppl u can call nme and hear stero nation

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