req for guidance - tabbing, strumming , chords etc

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  1. richard

    richard New Member


    hi guys ,
    i m jus learning n its been a month+ since i started..

    i started wit playin from the tabs which i get ..n now t problm is i dont find any good progress in my learning...

    how do i proceed to learn it better . like tabbing on ma own , strumming , chords ,etc...

    lookin forward for ur responses

  2. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    ^^you should have posted this in the FAQ section...
    :p:..Anyway, just have patience..You'll automatically learn things once you are good at guitaring...:p:..SO Chilax..;)
  3. anirban.d.das

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    uve come 2 the right place buddy
    welcome to IGT
  4. dream_seller

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    hey richard...
    if u can play the tabs well..this means u ve got ur fingers smooth on the fret board...then i think now it is the tome for u to dwell into the wat do scales mean, how they are formed etc...becoz i guess it is scales that is very instrumental in playin guitar or any instrument....coz if u can recognise in wat scale is the particular thing being played then ur 90% of the problem is solved(my personal view)

    and the bad news is i m tryin for 5-6 months but i can neither identify the scale nor the notes (tabs) of a sond by just listenin to it :eek:: ...i guess it needs more and more practice..

    i m tryin my best ...u also do the same

    cheers :beer:
  5. richard

    richard New Member

    right now i get tabs from net n practise them...
    shd i b goin on wit this n give it some time to tab on ma own ...

    and dream-seller , wat have u done for these 6 months to make a good progress in learning..

    kindly help
  6. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member

    Feel free to change whatever I am telling you below


    first of all...don't let that burning desire to learn guitar to die ever...ever.

    i can see myself in you...even i started the same way...with tabs...tabs are easy and gives you a feeling of the song. during this point try to learn what the notes are on different strings. where do you find E,F and G on E string. B,C and D on B string. G and A on G string. D,E,F on D string. A,B,C on A string. Then E,F,G on the low E i.e. the thicker string. Try playing a simple song with help of the metronome. [well hardly i can see any hindi songs in western format online. so you have to go for a english song. Go for lessons at sites like or]

    After you graduate this, go for chords. First go for open string chords i.e. chords which has at least one string which you don't fret. Go for basic major chords like A,C,D,G,E. Proper fingering and getting a good sound will take some time to master. Make it a point to practice one chord a day. Say A and then see how properly you are getting the sound out of your instrument. Which strings you should not strum. Then the next day go to the next chord. Say D. After you could play D and get a good chord sound from your instrument go for changing chords. From A to D and D to A. Try doing the same with metronome beats. F and B chords will take some time to master. You can see the chord shapes online at

    Then go for minor chords like Am,Em,Dm etc.[ m here for minor, while for major nothing is written.]. Then try changing chords from E to Em. A to Am. G to Em. Em to G. Em to Am etc.

    After you practiced the above open strings go for Barre chords. A Barre is a all closed strings chord. Meaning you don't have a open string ringing as in open chords. All the six chords are fretted in some positions. Or if a chord is not fretted then it is not played. Barre are movable chords. Means from one position if you slide to another without moving your fingers and keeping the same finger shape you get a different chord. Whoa... like the concept.

    [As for example see the open E chord. It is like as given below:-

    E Chord

    o o o
    | | | 1 | | (1st Fret)
    | 2 3 | | | (2nd Fret)
    | | | | | | (3rd Fret)

    F Chord
    1 1 1 1 1 1 (1st Fret)
    | | | 2 | | (2nd Fret)
    | 3 4 | | | (3rd Fret)

    From E move all your 3 fingers one fret and put 2nd finger in place of first, 3rd in pace of 2nd and 4th in place of 3rd. Put the first finger acorss all strings on the first fret. And you got F chord. A bit difficult at first but gets easier with time. You have to roll the index finger towards yur thumb a bit i.e. fret with the bony part of the finger not the fleshy part and only that will give you a proper tone. Refer to posts here in Beginner's forum and read about how to play barre chords properly and what are the 3 barre shapes. How they are moved to create different chords etc. Or search on google and you will see a lot of lessons on that. Here in IGT there are some good posts on Barre chords. Refer to the one at by JAYAANTH.]

    Then go for strumming patterns. Refer to a post by BANDBAAJA on the same at

    Basic of guitar playing is ECONOMY OF MOVEMENT. Maximum play with minimim finger movements and that only will help you in playing for longer.

    Start slowly. [If you are using a metronome using it is hard here on IGT posts as there are no measures and stuff like that in here.] Listen to the song first. Search for the same on IGT forum. Most of times you will see multiple hits. Get what are the chords being used there. Check their shapes. Then try with diffrent strumming pattetrns and change from one chord to another. Do this damn slowly i.e. Start on a very slow tempo. Then when you can change the chords a bit smoothly ( may be after 2 and 3 runs) increase yuor tempo. Practice like this 3-4 times. Then play the song on u r cd or tape whatever and try to match it up. Difficult task.

    Points to remeber while doing the same:-
    1. Your hand will hurt. So take rests and try. Don't hurt u r self too much. Stretch yourself a bit but don't overdo.
    2. As you have already done tabs, you can easily go for pentatonic scales on fretboard. Also do finger exercises for warm up. Check in the tutorial section for finger practices.
    3. Keep a list of songs that you can play and work on them every day for some time. This way you will njoy and feel to work up your knowledge.
    4. Always start at a slow tempo and practice at least one run per song perfect...smooth chord changes and stuff like that.
    5. Always go for minimum movement. Chords can be played at more than one positions on the guitar. So say if you have to strum B,G and E chords in a song then check out the common positionings. That will help in playing the song without much hand movement.
    6. Try listening to chords, intervals... in short train your ear at least for 5 minutes everyday. That way you will learn to differentiate chords in a song.

    Important of all, ask questions here and get answered. Understand the theory before you move ahead. Otherwise you might not achieve that thing called the vertical growth. May be you can learn to play 20 things but your techniques will not grow. Music theory is a must. You don't play something without knowing rules.

    All the best and have fun....
    If notes were letters and I were able to see them...i'd 've been :rock:ing you all by now... :beer:
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  7. richard

    richard New Member

    hey sambit ,
    thanks a lot man ,, now i ve started wit chords ,, but findin t a bit difficult to switch
    bet'n chords ...

    guess it ll take some time ,,
  8. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member

    Even the maestros were in diapers one day like us... what differiantes between them and us is that thing called Practice.... so practice and someday we will make the world rock man ... :D
  9. pure_angel

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    try your fingers to switch in C n F chords first n use Down Up Down Up Down strumming pattern... its helpful


  10. faiqgiant

    faiqgiant .: Innocent :.

    just practice open chords first.

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