REQ: Ei Neel Monihar by Lucky Akhand

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  1. AngelOfabyss

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    hi everyone,
    can somebody post the chords or tab for this song "Ei Neel Monihar" by Lucky Akhand
    this song has a really nice tune of guitar in the background
    pls reply asap
  2. KnightRider

    KnightRider New Member

    This song is pretty simple and fun to play….
    I play it by holding the chords and plucking the strings in the following pattern...
    The same pattern of plucking is followed throughout the whole song....

    Plucking pattern (Strings):
    DEBG .... AEBG.... DEBG... AEBG


    Ei neel monihar
    Ei shornali din a
    Tomai Diye Gelam
    Shudhu Mone Rekho ( x 2)

    Dip jaala raat jaani ashbe abar
    Ketey jaabe jibon er shokol adhar
    ------------------------------------------ C--
    Somoy er janalai dariye theke shudhu amai deko
    Shudhu amai deko

    Shondhani mon koto chonde mogon
    Firey paabo bujhi shei gaan er logon
    Nilimay duti chokh vashiye diye potho cheye theko
    Potho cheye theko

    Ei Nil…….Shudhu Mone Rekho (repeat)

    try this out and let me know how it sounds....

  3. dbdiaz

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    Nil Monihar download

    hey guys,

    I've trying to get hold of this song for long! could anyone point me where i can download a copy of this song: lucky akhand - nil monihar?

  4. muhit

    muhit New Member

    hi, i am not sure where u can download it but u can listen to it from this site

  5. muhit

    muhit New Member

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