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    yet once again, i seek anjan dutta chords.. it's a beautiful song.. the lyrics are kinda sad though. could someone post them plz??
  2. deb7sk

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    Chords for Duto Manush-Anjan Dutta

    Song: Duto Manush
    Singer and Composer: Anjan Dutta

    Duto manush akshathe kato path chola
    A----------------------G-----D---- A-------------G-------D--
    Hat-e hath rekhe katha bola, Kano shob ghure abahala
    Kano sheshmeshe eshe bidyae
    Phuldani ankre bhenge churmar
    Phul jal shob akakar, Neme ashe andhakar
    Janla’r baire neme ashe raat
    Duto balish kato shwapno bhalobasha bojhaye
    Dheke jaye ei kutshit lorai, asha akanksha shob poor-e chai
    Keu mukh phut-e kichu bole na

    Table lamp-er adho andhakar-e
    Bhanga chora mon duto gumre gumre more
    Dujonei boshe thake hath dhorbe bole
    Keu mukh phoot-e kichui bole na
    Bhagoban tai neme ashena

    Aashe shokal chokh muche chithi lekha
    Suitcase hath-e taxi daka, phire na takiye dekha
    Ishh ei bhabe keu chole jaye

    *Note: This is one of the real easy songs (a lot of Anjan da's songs are based on this chord sequence and perhaps also follow a similar melancholic tune) and I hope that I have got an 'almost' correct chord structure. Any suggestions/rectifications are more than welcome. Guitar gurus in this forum like Arindam, Sayan, Scorpio, Nik, Lefty, etc. (my apologies to those whose name I did not mention in here), if possible take a look. I know that Anjanda is not one of the popular singer composers these days, but I think that this was a nice song. However, I liked the english version better. Unfortunately, I left that cassette (I think it was called "Bandra Blues") at my home in kolkata. As a matter of fact, Anjan da had initially composed this song in english ("two people") which he later translated to bengali.
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    Another Great Work !!

    Another Great Work by deb !!....carry on pal....khub valo hoyeche....

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  4. deb7sk

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    Arindam, thanks a lot for your comments/compliments. Coming from a pro like you, those comments surely made me proud.
  5. zhahme00

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    beautifully done my friend. thank you for the chords. i was exposed to anjan dutta about 6 years ago and i have to say that i really like his style of music mainly b/c one can truely identify with most of his songs.

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