Req: Dosti "Chords" (Junoon)

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  1. ehtashamsohail

    ehtashamsohail New Member

    i wants the Chords of Dosti plzzzzz
  2. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    just play

    Am , F ,C , G...throught the song
  3. nadish

    nadish Active Member


    Song: Dosti by junoon
    album: daur-e-junoon

    The intro is played with the rhythm on the last two strings

    B---------5----5--5--10---5------13-----5----5- 5-------------------

    Note: basically those are the notes hes strumming away with any other tab u'll have to work out the timing, which is not too difficult..listen to the track..and the rhythm is really important coz the next part, when he starts strumming...he strums with a similar rhythm..with triplets ...

    Am Dm G C C x20010(step down)
    yaroun yehi dosti hai..kismat to milli hai
    Am (with 'F' root)Am 102210 Dm E
    sub sung chalein sub rung chalein, chaltay rahay hum sadaa...

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