REQ: Dilli (Movie: Delhi Heights Singer: Rabba Shergill)

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  1. afialam

    afialam New Member

    Hello music lovers,

    I'm surprised I could not find the tabs/chords of this song anywhere. I have searched thoroughly, Our band is planning on this song.

    The chords(/and) tablature would help..


    Happy Jamming
  2. sukanya

    sukanya New Member

    the song plays mostly on A and D
    it goes on with A till u reach d part "belagaam khayalon ko" whr it chngs to D and same pattrn is repeated thrice and

    den the chorus is...

    A D
    yahaan asu aur geet
    A E
    aur jawani bhi maine tre naam kiya
    A D A E
    paar adhi raat aur sadke thi sab mere baap ki
    D E A
    main tha,tu thi aur thi dilli bas

    this is wat i cud make out of d song...

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