[REQ] Dil Ka Diya - Omer Nadeem

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  1. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    This is quite an old song and apprently Roxen is doing an exact rip-off of it.

    Its a must hear for people who havent heard it yet. I love the song. To d'load it, just type 'dil ka diya' or 'bujh hi gaya' on google. its one of the 1st few links.

    Pls Pls, if someone can help me out of this song asap.

  2. ron_rockz

    ron_rockz Guitarist

    do u want d chords for d song?? d chord progression is quite simple actually. juz keep playin Am-G-F thru out d song..
  3. ron_rockz

    ron_rockz Guitarist

    n in d end thr is a scale change from Am to Bm..

    hope dat helps.
  4. akash_1111

    akash_1111 New Member

    i think that it is just g and f
  5. ryu

    ryu New Member

    ChoRdS OF Dil kA diA By OmER NAdEem

    (Am)BuJh hAY (G)gAYA YAH
    (Am)DIL kA (G)diyA
    (Am)TerAY BIN(G) lAGAY Na
    (F) mOrA (G) jIyA


    Nd In ThE END THere iS A sCAlE CHANge FROm (Am) To (Bm)
  6. amishjha

    amishjha New Member

    to be more clear ::::

    End part ::::

    (Bm)Bujh hai gaya
    (A) ye dil ka diya
    (G) Tere bin lagey
    (A) na mora jiya !!

    (Bm)Judai ka ghum
    (A)Jo tune diya
    (G)Zeher dard ka
    (A) ye maine piya !!! ........(G)..1 strum ....end

    cheers !!
  7. guitarfan018

    guitarfan018 New Member

    Em D G Em Em D G Em
    G Am F Em G Am F Em

    Hope u like this 2 lines
  8. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    try G#m F# E and F#
  9. RadioActive

    RadioActive New Member

    All suits the songs...

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