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  1. Taj

    Taj New Member

    Hey can someone give me the chords for the song DHeerE DHeerE se , it's an old indian song, i dont know the movies name but i can type the lyrics

    Dheere Dheere Se , Meri Zindagi main aana
    dheere dheere se , dil ko churana
    tumse pyar hame hai kitna jaane jaana
    tumse mil kar tum ko hai batana

    Jabse tumhain dekha hai , dil ko kahin aram naheen
    mere Hontoon pe aab tere siwa koi naam naheen....

    I hope u understand the song now
  2. NuageOutlaw

    NuageOutlaw New Member

    The film's name is Aashquie, this is a beautiful song...sadly i do not have tabs for this song....:eek:
  3. Taj

    Taj New Member

    ya m8 dying to have it's chords.:nw:
  4. slash

    slash New Member

    Tu meri zindagi hai - Aashqui

    Hmm...i dont have that m8, but as a about this....

    Tu meri zindagi hai - Aashqui

    Am G Am
    Tu meri zindagi hai

    Am G Am
    Tu meri har khushi hai

    G F Am
    Tuhi pyaar Tuhi chahat tuhi aashqui hai

    Am G Am
    Tu meri zindagi hai...

    Pehli mohabbat ka ahsaas hai tu (2)

    G F
    Bujhke jo bujh na paai vo pyaas hai tu

    G F Am
    Tujhko bhulaa na paaya meri bebasii hai


    Repeat Anthra 1

    Am F G
  5. Taj

    Taj New Member

    thx for the song m8, Aashique really has good songs, but Dheere Dheere Se "ki kya hi baat hai !"

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