[req] devathai illam devi 80s

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  1. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    hey guys , i think this one is by Ilaya Raja ... devathai illam devi .. its an 80s song .. pls anyone who knows it post the chords ya ... really lookin forward .. pls do post in any other 80s songs such as arum athu azhamilai or thavikithu thayanguthu .. any 80s will do ..

    to all the 80s lovers ...

    - Still Loving You -
  2. ksrn

    ksrn New Member


    This is the song that I have been looking for some time....
  3. djadamz

    djadamz New Member

    Veru Velai Unakku (Feat. SP Balasubramaniam & S Janaki)...anyone can get western note for this
  4. sathish lion

    sathish lion New Member

    tala ... tiz song mass song in classic try panunga ... semaya iruku ....

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