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    Can somebody tell me how to create chords from the notes?

    Or, what is the right way to find out which chords are being played in song?

    I basically understand that, if 1st, 3rd and 5th notes are being played, in a Major scale then it would form a Major chord and similar concept for Minor chord, etc...

    But i have still not been able to figure out the correct chords.

    pls. help me out :eek:
  2. jayanth

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    tHe right way is by trial and error method. That is listen to the song and learn.. If you wanna learn about te question you asked goto the tutorials section and read my articles..
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  4. dennis

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    what i do is that i try to get the bass line/emulate the chord changes in the songs with single notes...and then use these notes as roots and add major/minor . And if they are with distortion then make a powerchord

    hope that helped u
  5. jayswami

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    u need to understand how to identify intervals , horizonatal which are building blocks of melody, and vertical which r building blocks of harmony and chords.

    once your ears are trained for that and be able to identify vertical intervals.. for eg at this stage you should be able to tell that this chord has 3 notes, its a C major.. it is essentially C+E+G... or this chord is a D9.. it has 5 notes, D+F#+A+C+E etc

    to achive this, u should tackle the situation from 2 fronts.
    1> train your ears to be able to identify vertical intervals
    2> when u hear a chord u dont understand, find out more about it, ask someone..
    For eg.. say U have no clue whats the cool chord behind the guitar lead in Dil Chahta hai... then find out.. ask someone.. search IGT :p:, and say u find out its Bbmaj7 then
    somhow add the maj7 chord sound to your internal database.. so that next time you hear a major 7 chord.. u should be able to identify it.

    Things can become simpler if u learn not to just recognize individual chords, but chord patterns..
    for example blues songs have a I IV V chord progression, u can instaly identify that pattern.. the I VI IV V is another cliched pattern (papa kehte hain, dyer maker,every breath u take,antara of saanwaria saanwaria etc etc)

    check this link out for more on scales modes and chords

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