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  1. apurbajd

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    First of all request to the mods to move this thread to the correct place. Well there are Hindi,English,Bengali,Tamil,Paki forums but no forums for Kannada .. and this song I m requesting is a Kannada song. ... so m posting it here ......

    I need the chords of the Kannada song 'Usire Usire'.... can any1 plz give me the chords. Its a nice song by Sonu Nigam. if any1 wants i can upload and give the link .....
  2. slash_i_m

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    yav movie.i think i hav heard of it.but u know d!ck heads at infosys didn't allow him to sing this song in thier function reason-it being a kannada song.grate to see another member from bengaluru.keep rockin.
  3. ksthehunk

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    hey guys... the song is in the scale of Em.... Em - Bmaj - Am (& C at places)...
    I am no pro, but this is how my ear interpreted the song... have fun playing....
  4. komal29

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    here is the link of the song..our kichcha sudeep :) :) :)..even i need the chords..
    and i think people dont know this fact.This song has two was by our lovely Rajesh Krishnan which was used in the movie and another by Sonu Nigam which was in the album.It was one of the first songs Sonu sang in Kannada and became popular even before Anisutide of Mungarina Male..Both singers evoke different yet same emotional intensity in the song,somehow..coz the emotion is called LOVE,which is same in the world <3<3!!
  5. komal29

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    Nam Kichcha sudeep 'Kichcha' anta famous agidde ee movie inda..his career best performance 'Huchcha'..:)

    hey..i dont think such kind of culture exist at Infy which started at Bangalore..Narayan murthy is himself a kannadiga and Sudha murthy is a famous writer in Kannada..They encourage Kannada a lot i guess :)

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