Req: Chords "Sagara Praan Tala..."

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  1. bobtheweasel

    bobtheweasel New Member

    Can anyone post the chords for this song.
  2. pravin4u

    pravin4u New Member

    G       Bm
    ने मजशी ने
    परत मात्रु भुमिला
    Dm         C            G          Bm
    सागरा प्राण तळमळला तळमळला सागारा 
    somebody please come up with strumming pattern
  3. forsushilpotdar

    forsushilpotdar New Member

    pls chk following chords....

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  4. pattyrocks

    pattyrocks New Member

    Hey Guys!

    See my Video - on youtube by searching keyword :- "sagara pran talmalala guitar chords"for the strumming pattern and chords played using above PDF...

    I have rearranged and added my few additions :)

    Enjoy and let me know your though on this video.

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