REQ: chords of stobdhotar gaan by suman

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  1. mitsen

    mitsen New Member

    i'm looking for the chords of one of my favorite songs of suman - stobdhotar gaan. please post it, thanx in advance.
  2. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    follow the link given at my signeture.
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  3. prottoy

    prottoy New Member

    i've already posted it
    here's the chord progression again
    if there's any problem,let me know

    Am G
    Aj ami phire eshechhi
    tomar pashe boshechhi
    C F C
    Bolo tomar kotha shunbo aaj
    F C
    Shunbo bole tai rakhini kaj
    Tomar kotha hara gaan
    Jar thikana jana nei
    Jana nei
    C G Am
    Stabdhotar gaan shono

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