Req: Chords of song yeh sama, sama hai yeh pyar ka

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  1. sushant_3k

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    Can anyone post the chords of the song yeh sama, sama hai yeh pyar ka?

  2. atulansaha

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    try out the following and let me know if they sound correct...

    yeh sama, sama hai yeh pyaar ka
    kisike intezaar ka
    dil naa churaa le kahee meraa, mausam bahaar kaa

    basane lage aakhon mein kuchh ayese sapane
    koee bulaaye jaise, nainon se apane, nainon se apane

    ye samaa, samaa hain didaar kaa, kisee ke intajaar kaa
  3. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    wazzup ppl?? 32 views and ne reply?? say something!! suggest improvements, sure there are quite a few pros amongst the igtians!!
  4. amit82cse

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    Hey Atul, good work. They sound correct to me.

    Keep it up dude...
  5. surmayee

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    In the key of Eminor, the chords are

    1st verse Em, Em/B7, Em D C B7 Em

    2nd verse Em D, C B7 C Em

    If you listen to the song you should be able to work out the changes.
  6. d_invincible

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    nice chords
  7. vishal_Singh

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