REQ:chords of Someone Somebody from Tell me O Khuda

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  1. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    New movie Tell me o khuda has this awesome song inspired by techno pop..sung by sunidhi chauhan and another version by anushka manchanda..please post the chords for the song
  2. gtrends

    gtrends New Member

    Chords for 'someone somebody' are: key of Fm, C#, D#, A#m, C, Csus4, and C#Maj7 or you can play with capo on 1st fret then key of Em, Cmaj, Dmaj, Am, Cmaj7, Bmaj, and Bsus4.

    Learn How to Play Someone Somebody on Guitar
  3. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    hey thanks a lot for responding. please check out my other requests too which are lying dead since many days.can u please post the chords along the lyrics so that i can learn?

    watched ur was very nice..hey the whistiling sounded awsome..n u got a melodious tone!
    wow..i have never even tried that kinda strumming pattern u have trying and learning slowly..thanks for making me learn new one..i was bored of the 2 patterns i know
  4. gtrends

    gtrends New Member

    Hey Komal, thanks man - am glad I answered your question, appreciate your response, and I'll surely try attempting tabs for your previous posts.
  5. komal29

    komal29 New Member a woman..feminine gender!..i need chords..not tabs..:)..try putting the chords along with the lyrics like it is normally done in the the way i subscribed to your youtube channel

  6. gtrends

    gtrends New Member

    LOL...Hey Komal thanks for the correction.. yeah.. ok, so chords, right!
  7. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    LOL..never mind

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