Req: Chords of new song By Atif Aslam

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by devil, May 7, 2007.

  1. devil

    devil New Member

    Hi i need the chords of new song name as Chupke se aaye By Atif Aslam .........
  2. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    havn't heard it. is it from a movie ? or from an album ? please spacify.
  3. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member

    dude its a combination of i guess


    i'll try to post the complete chords but u try to figure out as well man!
  4. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    Bro try my chords and any suggestion, plz tell me

    Play the given chords on BAR. reply me if u need any of them.

    Dm Bb
    Chupke se aaye yaad teri yahan
    Dm Bb
    sirf main jaanu tu hai kahan kahan.
    F C Dm Bb
    Hawa tum , nasha tum mere rahaton ka pata tum,
    F C Bb F
    mere aibon ko jo dhak de woh paak si riida tum
    Dm Bb
    tum chod geye raaste,
    Dm Bb
    hum saath chale the jinpe.
    F Dm
    kabtak bharoon khud main junoon
    Bb F
    Tum na mmilo to kaise sahoon
    F Dm
    Apni wafa main hai to yakeen
    Bb F
    tum saath na do to kya main karoon,
    Dm C Bb C
    Hohoho hohoho hoho hohoooo
    Dm C Bb C
    nanaana nanana nananaaaan

    the scale changes from here.
    I'll post it later
  5. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    hey...hmm well...can i hav a link to the song...i do have the rest of album but this one got deleted somehow...ill listen and try to post in 2 gimme the link soon.
  6. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    hey man there are some changes in the chords just for 2 lines

    Dm C Bb
    tum chod geye raaste,
    Dm C Bb
    hum saath chale the jinpe.
  7. devil

    devil New Member

    Thanks for your replies and helping me out to figure out its chords :)
    well if u guys feel any change in its chords then do let me know ....... do u ve any idea of its strumming pattern i mean accurate pattern of its strumming ......
    Again Thanks
  8. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member


    well dude thing is i wasnt actualy listening to that song i was just imagining and widout listening i told the starting chords just aik fret ka farq hai baqi al da same!
    nice chords dude keep it up!
  9. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member


    Hey man i donno the original strummings but I play it DDUUD its just perfect.
    Infact its quite close to the original one.
  10. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member

    hey i dont know how to find strumming pattern i guess its an automatic thing wid mee i mean i dont think that it should be dudd or dduudd or somewhat is there any way? u pplz think?
  11. vj_ali

    vj_ali New Member

    Well its em a
    q chor gaye will b c#m b & a
    and last high scale q chor gaye g d c
    keep rocking

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