req:chords of err..a love song wid christian orientation

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    here is the song..m sure only a christian cud've heard it..uL know y..after u read d lyrics.. i wanna know if ne1z heard it..and post its chords if ya goes>>

    She was young and beautiful..she captured my heart wid a smile..she was anytime on d phone.. i talked 2her all d time

    She said that she loves me and be wid me all my life.. honey dripped from her lips..more sweeter were her words

    I loved her more&more and gave her all my time.. i thot dat shez d one..d only woman of my life...

    Oh..she lied all d time she had many others on her mind..she wasted all my time..and made me cry all night
    All these things made me recall of Proverbs Chapter 5

    Wrong became d trend but bitter was d trens..wasted were all d foolish were my ways.. i've come to be much wise..towards strange woman in disguise....!

    //dat was it.. btw i play dis song in DGA chords..

    [[ dis is my very first day at IGT.. i mean i got registered today itself.. im learning Guitar (spanish) from only 7 months..anyways.. Bye Everyone!!

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